Links for social activism

If you have a cause, if you are looking for a cause, if you like to know about other people causes, if you like to be active, if you like to be informed here are some links to start your exploration of activism around the world.  The official site of Amnesty International  The official site of Human Rights Watch  Cultural survival Promoting the rights, voices and visions of indigenous people  Global exchange  Action without borders  Grass root organizing  Advocacy project is a project of the Independent Media Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening and supporting independent and alternative journalism.  Working asset radio  Amazon watch  Investor's activism  Independent Media Center  International Labour Organization  One world radio  Oxfam  Rainforest Alliance  Romanì  The United Nations  Web of Words: regional and minority languages of Europe  WWF  Media reform information center  FAIR  Center for digital democracy  Corporate watch  Developing world  Media channel  Znet magazine  In these times  Pacifica radio  Democracy now  Nessuno tocchi Caino  Medici senza frontiere  Echelon watch  ACLU  Indymedia Italia  Cursor  Air America  Freedom forum  Reporters without borders Online Privacy Guide for Journalists 2017  GNU Free software  Public knowledge  Official web site of Michael Moore  Deoxy org.  Disinformation  Dissent magazine  Multinational monitor  Covert action  Petitions for every cause  Center for reproductive rights  Ella Baker Center for Human Rights  Equal rights advocates  Innocence project  National Organizations for women  Planned parenthood  Alliance for responsible trade  Americans for peace now  Center for victims of torture  Global fund for women Financial Aid for Women Powerful Women Rule: Under-represented Careers Guidebook College Financial Aid: Women Specific Scholarships and Financial Resources Overcoming the Gender Bias - Closing the Gender Gap Guidebook  Grassroots international  Peace action  Physicians for Social responsibility  Witness  American rivers  EarthRights International  Friends of the Earth  Greenpeace  League of conservation voters  Organic farming research foundation  Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)  Sierra club  Wild aid  Wilderness watch  Educators for social responsibility  Internews network  National Center for Science Education  Parents for Public Schools  people for the america way  TomPaine.commonsense  America's second harvest Center for community change  Children defense fund  Coalition to Stop Gun Violence  Corporation for supportive housing  Disability right advocates  Sweatshop Watch  Peacelink  Emergency I girotondi Click Back America  Alternative Radio  Americans for radio diversity  Asia times  Bandelier  The reporters committee for the freedom of the press  Who owns what  Common dreams  Counterpunch  Disinfopedia  Dollars and sense  Free speech  Inequality  Accuracy  Center for Media and Democracy  Project censored  The memory hole  The onion  Tikkun magazine  Archivio Chomsky  yesmen   
Flying Spaghetti Monster  Neil young "Living with war" Neil Young antiwar song. You can listen to "Living with war" from this site.

Making a Difference through Volunteering and Nonprofit Careers. The benefits of volunteer work reach far and wide with a ripple effect that begins with the individual and nonprofit organization and extends beyond the larger community.