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"Interviste italiane" is a NEW series of recordings of live interviews in Italian with experts in a variety of fields. Designed for advanced students who wish to improve their listening-comprehension of natural Italian speech patterns, these audiocassettes include full text transcripts and provide a real-life experience of various regional inflections in educated speakers of standard Italian.

To help you expand and refine your vocabulary, the accompanying booklet also provides exercises and a bilingual glossary of specialized terminology and difficult expressions.

"Interviste italiane" is a unique learning tool that complements our series of "Italian Readings on Tape" for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. By listening to these audiocassettes you will not only improve your knowledge of Italian, but also go beyond the limited horizon of traditional learning methods and discover new, exciting fields of personal interest.

Daniela Bönsch

Intervista sulla danza contemporanea

A conversation with dancer, choreographer and writer Daniela Boensch. Starting with a lively, at times hilarious account of her life as a dancer, Ms. Boensch discusses the artistic and social aspects of contemporary dance, giving us valuable insights into the creative work of dancers and choreographers.

Cat.# VW01 - $15.00

60 minutes - Level: Advanced

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