Leave-taking Expressions

This list includes some very common expressions used for leave-taking in formal and informal situations. Expressions followed by an asterisk (*) can be used in both contexts.

Formal Informal English
- ciao hello; bye
a domani* - see you tomorrow
a lunedì (martedì ecc.) prossimo* - see you next Monday (Tuesday, etc.)
a più tardi* - see you later
a presto* - see you soon
addio - so long
arrivederLa arrivederci goodbye
buon viaggio* - have a nice trip
buonanotte* - good night
buonasera* - good evening
buone cose* - good luck
buone vacanze* - have a nice vacation
ci vediamo* - see you soon
di nuovo* - see you again
nuovamente* - see you again
stia bene statti bene; stammi bene take care
tante cose* - all the best!
tante buone cose* - all the best!



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