Oral Drills on Italian Grammar

A series of tapes for beginning students aimed at reinforcing knowledge of sentence patterns by means of repetition and transformation of structures most commonly misused by English speaking students. All instructions are in English. The written text includes examples and model sentences.

Each tape 60 minutes.


Tape # 1 .
Contents: Negative verb forms. Reflexive verbs. Negative and affirmative answers. "Come". Subject pronouns. "Presente indicativo": I, II, III conjugations; "Essere", "Avere", "Volere", "Dovere", "Potere". Definite and indefinite articles. Inflected forms of "Quello" and "Buono". Formal/familiar forms of address. Singular and plural forms of nouns and adjectives.

Cat.# DG01 $ 12.00


Tape # 2
Contents: Intonation patterns: Statements, Yes/No questions. Comparison: "Più di", "Meno di", special forms. Superlative. "Presente indicativo": "Fare", "Andare". Stress patterns. Object pronouns. "Dove". Simple and articulated prepositions.

Cat.# DG02 $ 12.00


Tape # 3
Contents: Definite article. Expressions of time. "Non ... ancora" and "Appena". Ordinal adjectives. "Già" and "Non ... ancora". "Non oltre" and "Fino a". "Prima di" followed by an infinitive. Negative answers. Use of "Mai". "Di fronte" and "Davanti". "Presente indicativo" followed by "Da". "Dopo" and "Prima di". Non-verbal use of the infinitive. Numbers. Hours. "Oltre a". Adverbial suffix "-mente". "Invece di". "Anche".

Cat.# DG03 $ 12.00


Tape # 4
Contents: Indirect interrogative clauses. Interrogative pronouns and adjectives. Use of "Volerci". Use of "Niente", "Nessuno", "Nulla", etc., with negative verbs.

Cat.# DG04 $ 12.00


Oral Drills on Italian Verbs

A series of eight tapes aimed at reinforcing the student's ability to recall automatically verb endings without focusing attention on meaning or syntax. All tapes are entirely in Italian. The accompanying booklets provide model verb conjugations and instructions in English. Verb forms are drilled by means of repetition and transformation. For beginning and intermediate students.


Each tape 30 minutes.

Tape # 1. Regular Forms Cat# DV01 $10.00

Tape # 2. Auxiliary Verbs Cat# DV02 $10.00

Tape # 3. Compound Tenses with AVERE Cat# DV03 $10.00

Tape # 4. Compound Tenses with ESSERE Cat# DV04 $10.00

Tape # 5. Passive Voice Cat# DV05 $10.00

Tape # 6. Pronominal Forms Cat# DV06 $10.00

Tape # 7. Irregular Forms I Cat# DV07 $10.00

Tape # 8. Irregular Forms II Cat# DV08 $10.00