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Serie: Nel labirinto dei verbi

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Volume 1: La ricerca dell'infinito

An alphabetical list to identify the infinitives of over 11,000 poetic, archaic, and irregular forms (including homographs and homophones) with comparative tables of standard endings and poetic variants, as well as the indication of word stress and closed or open pronunciation of vowels. Indispensable for beginning students as well as readers of classic literature, poetry and opera libretti.

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Bocca della verità

Volume 2: Le coniugazioni chiave

A series of tables illustrating stress patterns that will help you remember how to pronounce verb forms correctly; active, passive, negative, reflexive, impersonal conjugation; spelling variations; forms of auxiliary and modal verbs; past participle agreement; pronominal forms; and special structures. With a description (in Italian) of grammatical and syntactic characteristics.

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Gli esercizi

A series of workbooks aimed at reinforcing the student's knowledge of grammar, syntax and vocabulary. Each volume consists of exercises focusing on those aspects of the Italian language most difficult to master for English speaking students of Italian.


Exercises developed for students proficient in the Italian language who wish to reinforce their knowledge of idioms and colloquial expressions as well as to learn new meanings of common words. In general, exercises are based on pairs of verbs which students often confuse when confronted with the selection of the correct lexical item. Answers to the exercises are provided at the end of each volume.


Volume 1. Alzare/aumentare; alzare/sollevare; avere/dovere; avere/essere; avere/tenere; bisogna/bisogno; bisognare/dovere; cercare/provare; dire/parlare; dire/ raccontare; essere/stare; guardare/vedere; guastare/sprecare; imparare/insegnare; perdere; prestarsi/farsi prestare; salvare/risparmiare; smettere/fermare; sollevare/levare; spargere/stendere; spremere/stringere; succedere/avere successo; suonare/giocare/recitare; usare/abituare; vedere/osservare; andare a /stare per; andare/doversi; andare/venire; avanzare/mancare; lasciare/partire; lasciare/permettere; lasciare/rimanere; mancare/restare; mancare; partire/uscire; prendere/fare; perdere/portare; sapere/capire; sapere/conoscere; sapere/potere; funzionare/lavorare; sbagliare/fallire.

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Volume 2. Tempo/volta; quanto tempo; ora/tempo/volta; espressioni di tempo; tempo/ora; seguente/prossimo; presto/pronto; quindi/quando; poi/in poi; dopo/dietro; durante/mentre; mai/ormai; prima/davanti; giorno/giornata; niente/nessuno; non; no/non; meglio/migliore; proprio; bene/buono; male/cattivo; vicino/verso; mezzo/medio; paio/coppia; come/quanto; che/ciò che; ciò/cioè; come/da; che/di; il più/per lo più; più/di più; invece di/tranne; anche/inoltre; circa/verso; dunque/così; finché/affinché; senza che/senza di; perché/purché; dunque/perché; per/attraverso; sebbene/siccome.

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The exercises in this volume focus on suffixes and word roots of Latin and Greek origin. Students learn to identify groups of words sharing one common element which conveys an important part of the meaning. Answers and a list of suffixes used are also provided.

Cat.# ES02 - $ 9.00

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